This is the Kitchen Interior Trend of 2021

This is the Kitchen Interior Trend of 2021 – The kitchen is one of the important places that is used to be able to cook and be creative as you like to cook anything. Since last year, we spend a lot of time at home. Any activity is done, from starting work, doing hobbies, to cooking. Are you one of those who like to try new recipes since last year?

If so, take a look at this article because we will discuss 5 kitchen interior trends that will hit in 2021!

1. Hidden kitchen utensils to create a neater kitchen impression
For the impression of a wider and more spacious kitchen, you need to pay attention to the arrangement of storage in it. You can make a small pantry hidden in one of your kitchen cabinets. This trick can also make your kitchen look neater at the same time!

2. The green cabinet will be even more popular!
One of the kitchen interior trends that you will find in 2021 is a green cabinet. This color gives the kitchen a neutral yet elegant feel.

In addition to green, Stephanie Pierce as director of design and trends at Masterbrand Cabinets also predicts the trend of navy-colored cabinets.

Quoted from Purewow, Stephanie Pierce as director of design and trends at Masterbrand Cabinets also said, “The first color that came back was navy because it was quite neutral. The same logic applies to dark green”.

3. Water tap technology that can be operated without being touched
To match this lifestyle trend, we will find many kitchen utensils that can be operated without having to be touched by hand. One of them, is touchless faucets (tap water without touch).

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4. Multifunctional cooking utensils
Are you having trouble organizing the kitchen neatly in your tiny house? In order not to take up a lot of space, you can use multifunctional cooking utensils! This multifunctional kitchen equipment is effective and will also be one of the trends in 2021.

5. Natural wood accents are still a dream
For those of you who like simple and natural rustic-style interior design. You can focus on using interior details made of wood.…