Minimalist Dining Room Interior Design Ideas

Minimalist Dining Room Interior Design Ideas – The dining room is one of the important assets that people usually use to gather to eat and chat with other family members. With the minimalist dining room trend, even a small space can also be the most comfortable place, even for various other activities, such as working during WFH or just relaxing while enjoying snacks.

So, no need to worry if the space in your house is limited. In the following, Kania will also provide some inspiration for a beautiful and comfortable minimalist dining room in a small house from the results of the interior design team project. Curious as to what? Come on, just take a look below!

Homey Casual Style in a Minimalist Dining Room

Limited land cannot be an obstacle to realizing a comfortable minimalist dining room. With a more casual choice of space-saving furniture, the room can feel more relaxed and less cramped. The transition from the sofa to the dining table also feels more flexible. The room is also multifunctional because it can be used for various family activities.

Japanese Style Minimalist Dining Room

For a small house, a minimalist Japanese-style dining room is always effective to beautify the room. With the addition of natural nuances and green decorations, the choice of dining room furniture feels right and is more space-saving. Connectivity to the open space behind it also feels flowing and cool to hang out with family.

Soft to Relax in Natural Style

As in the previous inspiration, a touch of Japanese style can indeed be an option for a timeless minimalist dining room. To maximize it, choose a simple, but multifunctional and quality furniture model so that the dining room will become a strong magnet for every family member. The presence of a soft dining chair also creates a comfortable atmosphere. That way, your family will feel at home sitting for a long time.

Warm Nuances in a Minimalist Dining Room

Still with a natural Japanese touch, this minimalist dining room looks dim and warm. Wrapped in wood, starting from the panels on the ceiling, doors, kitchen sets, to matching decorations, the minimalist dining room focuses on the arrangement in the middle of the room. The furniture itself is very minimalist and aesthetic with wooden dining chairs and a glass dining table

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Small Family Minimalist Dining Room

A minimalist dining room certainly does not need to come with a choice of furniture that is extra sized or exceeds the capacity of the number of family members. You can choose a dining table that is more space-saving or space-saving, like the inspiration above. The arrangement adjacent to the window will also give a more spacious impression. Not to forget, the Japanese-style wooden partition accent also provides a clear boundary between the front room and the minimalist dining room.

Smart Furniture Becomes a Savior

This minimalist dining room inspiration blends with the living room and kitchen at the same time. Even though it’s a multifunctional room, it doesn’t look cramped and cramped, right? This is because of the smart arrangement and use of furniture.

As a way to create an efficient room, just choose a furniture model that is more appropriate in size. Its position will be more comfortable if it is attached to the wall. Even though the room is small, you can still add a variety of minimalist decorations. The choice of a folding dining table can also be a space-saving and multifunctional solution for a minimalist dining room in your tiny house.…

Dining Room Design Inspiration with a Touch of Nature

Dining Room Design Inspiration with a Touch of Nature – The dining room is one of the places that is usually used to eat with family or with anyone. Since the first, the dining room has become a place that strengthens the family. When the whole family gathers at one table and can share stories with each other. That said, the dining table is considered a silent witness to the entire story of a family, especially if the dining table is passed on to the next generation.

1. Sliding door for access between garden and dining room
Having a green garden can be a beautiful sight while eating a meal with the family. Don’t let the beauty and cool air stop you with small windows and doors.

Maximize it with a large sliding door, even up to 2 meters. Be sure to use strong frames and rails to hold large sheets of glass.

2. Integrated dining room
The efficient use of space can be maximized by dividing one room into two areas, namely an area for dining and a television room for relaxing. Likewise, natural lighting can be optimized with wide window openings overlooking the garden.

Meanwhile, artificial lighting will also be more efficient by applying spotlights with track lines. This feature helps you to position the lamp as needed between the two areas of the room.

3. Small dining room
The design of the dining room in a residence with limited land can be created without having to feel cramped. With its wide opening and unique staircase design, the tiny dining room can become a favorite place for families to gather.

4. Tips to make the kitchen feel clean and natural but still have character
White color and wood elements are two formulas that have been proven to create a clean and natural impression, especially in kitchens. Meanwhile, to make it more characterful, you can take advantage of geometric line patterns that are realized through the shape of the lamp frame or wooden profile.

Don’t forget to place mirrors and large windows so that the kitchen area has enough light access and functions as ventilation when needed. And lastly, use furniture with a minimalist shape but still comfortable when used.

5. Unique island table design
The island table design in an ideal kitchen needs to be able to accommodate functions, such as storage, cooking preparation and serving. In order to make the island table more attractive, design the structure of the table legs in a crosswise manner so that the room does not feel too full.

6. Dining room under the stairs
Wooden planks are the main material in dividing the volume of space into two floors. The wood is applied to the stairs that are directly connected to the Attic on the second floor and the cabinets and island cabinets in the kitchen area on the first floor.

7. Make the dining atmosphere fun next to the park
Land is one of the considerations in building a dream home. For limited land, the minimalist concept can be the best option for housing. The design of the type of door can determine the desired space opening. Folding or sliding doors are an alternative to wide openings that provide a connection between the interior and the backyard.…